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Jei rodo, kad nėra vietų tai PASKAMBINKITE, gal jums padėsime


Prices for one night.
Room prices included: Wi-Fi, car parking.
Room prices isnt included city tax 1 e/ 1 person/1 night.
For New year night (12.31) prices like in June (2 period).
Breakfast not included, but there is possibility to order: for adult – 8 eur, children till 12 years - 5 eur.
Breakfast time 09.00 - 11.00
Extra bed for adult – 13 eur, children till 12 years – 8 eur.
Small bed for children till 2 years 6 eur for night.
Leaving time 12.00
Arriving time 14.00 - 19.30
2+2 means 2 adult, 2 kids, till 12 years.
Conditioner: 1 - 10 eur/day and night.
In room temperature is maintained 20-26 degrees.
Can`t come with pets.
in summer time (07.09 - 08.13) we can make reservations only from sunday and not less than one week.
The orderliness and the cleanliness of the rooms of our villa guests supervise themselves, complete cleanup done only guests left, and pending new. If necessary a pump, clean towels and etc. guests can contact with the person which is on-duty in the villa at the time. Guests must leave the room neat - take out the garbage, used towels put in the bathroom, check off all electrical appliances, relaying ashtrays. We are very pleased to take accurate, understanding and well-intentioned guests!